The Gospel in the Raw Ministries

We are a media-based ministry delivering the Gospel to the world through film, social media, web pages, digital/print publication, and 1-to-1 communication platforms such as email.  We share weekly Bible devotionals, testimonies, scriptures, and video-based messages to nurture believers in their walk with God.

We share uncompromising, Biblical truth that leads people to salvation and a deeper walk with Jesus Christ. Our goal is for unbelievers to be led to salvation, and Christians to come to maturity in preparation for Christ’s return.

Our messages point to Christ, are backed by scripture, and challenge believers to examine their standing with God on a daily basis.

Our Projects

Social Media Ministry

We want to improve the quality and frequency of our virtual outreach by producing consistent content that helps people understand and apply God’s Word. We currently do this through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and email.

Film Ministry

Our upcoming film projects will help spread the gospel to all age groups, while instilling hope and encouraging a closer walk with Christ. We plan to create edifying, purposeful story lines that promote Biblical values.

Local Outreach

Our goal is to serve our local community by meeting both physical and spiritual needs. Your donations will allow us to reach more people with Christ’s teachings, while giving assistance to those without basic needs like food, water, clothing, or shelter.

Global Outreach

There is a desperate need for spiritual and physical help all around the world. With your donations, we can make a greater impact in countries like Venezuela where the social and spiritual climate is life threatening.

Would you like to make a donation to fund these projects?

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