Many times in my Christian walk I felt alone in the struggles I was going thru. I wondered why other Christians seemed to have such a smooth walk and be so godly while I was fighting against my flesh constantly. Then I started hearing the testimonies and experiences of other Christians and I realized what I believed was wrong. We are all on a journey to becoming more like Jesus, and it encoruaged me so much to hear about how God helped others overcome their struggles as they persevered in their relationship with Him. As I continue walking with Jesus He has been helping me too, and I pray that God will use my journey to bless and encoruage you in your walk. The Bible says there is nothing too difficult for God (Jeremiah 32:17), therefore let’s keep pressing on until Jesus brings us to victory!

One of the ways we can become stronger spiritually is spending regular time with Jesus in prayer and studying the Bible. If there’s a sin/weakness in us that we struggle with, we can bring it to God by praying and fasting for deliverance from it. Jesus is faithful and He will help us as we put in the effort to seek Him. Be encouraged and don’t give up!

God bless you