One thing I have seen in the Bible, is God’s promise to bless the children of those who are walking in His ways. Many times a person wants their child to have a relationship with Jesus and live a godly life, but that parent needs to ask themselves if they are even setting the right example in the home. I have seen an instance where a person wanted their children to know God, but that parent didn’t even have a relationship with Jesus for themselves.

While you can’t force Jesus on your children, you can make the Gospel attractive to them simply by having the fruits of the Spirit in your life. For example, when they see how loving and patient you are towards them, or when they see you continually forgiving people who mistreat you, or when they see that you are joyful regardless of external circumstances. It’s the fruit in a Christian’s life that shows people the Gospel is real. Think about it, if you claim to know Jesus but are not practicing what the Bible says, what reason do your children have to believe what you’re preaching?

Also, you can pray and fast for your children to know Jesus. If you are walking uprightly with God, He can save them just for the fact that they are your children because you have a personal relationship with Him.

Lastly, as you are being an example in your home and praying for your children, it’s vital to share the Word of God with them and teach them about Christ.

Proverbs 20:7

The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.