Job 38:2 GNT
Who are you to question my wisdom with your ignorant, empty words?

In the book of Job, Job suffered greatly.

He went through many difficult troubles such as the death of his ten children and losing his wealth.

What Job didn’t understand though, is why God allowed those bad things to happen

During that troubling time, Job and his friends made many wrong assumptions regarding Job’s situation which caused them to sin.

Job, for example, insisted that he was undeserving of what he faced and tried defending himself to God. Job didn’t know that God was actually proving Job’s faithfulness by allowing these attacks from the devil (Job 1:8-12, Job 2:3).

On the other hand, Job’s friends were confident that his troubles were a punishment and accused Job of many sins that he didn’t do.

As it turns out Job and his friends were all wrong. In the end, Job repents and prays for his friends to be forgiven as well.

What we can learn from Job’s situation is that we should be very careful to not make assumptions about God or other people.

It’s better to leave matters alone and avoid coming up with conclusions if we haven’t heard from God about the situation.

Instead, we should ask God to show us the truth about our suspicions.

God is very mysterious, and we may not always understand what He is thinking or doing!