Hebrews‬ ‭5:13-14‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.

Many people love to hear Bible verses that encourage them. They like to hear about how much God loves them and the blessings of God promised to Christians.

Those verses are very good because they give us hope. But let’s also keep in mind that such scriptures and promises are for those living obediently to the will of God.

Many times, Christians will be selective and only receive scriptures that comfort and encourage them. Then when it comes to scriptures that talk about sin or living by God’s standards, they no longer want to hear it.

Brothers and sisters, let’s not be like that. Such Christians never mature in their relationship with Christ. They only go so far with God, but when it comes to giving up certain aspects of their lives they are unwilling to go any further.

If we want to grow in Christ, we need encouraging scriptures to strengthen us, but we also need scriptures that teach us how to live godly lives. (Those teachings are the “solid food” talked about in the above verse.)

Let’s be encouraged today to embrace the full counsel of God’s Word and mature in Christ!

Hebrews‬ ‭6:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Therefore let us move beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and be taken forward to maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from acts that lead to death, and of faith in God,