For a long time I lived like that Ostrich, burying my head from certain realities in my life. For instance, I knew for a long time I had a weakness of managing money poorly, but I wouldn’t face it. I ignored it thinking it would go away as I got older. Unfortunately, it only became worse. I had a passive attitude of “one day I will learn to be responsible,” but I never did anything about the weakness. I knew Jesus wanted me to be wise with my money, but I refused to listen to Him. A time came when Jesus allowed a series of rough situations to invade my life and I hit rock bottom. It was in those lowly places that Christ taught me about money management. God used those rough situations to wake me up from my sleep. Always keep in mind that if you choose to ignore certain weaknesses, they can be your destruction one day, unless dealt with. Disobedience to Jesus, always comes with consequences, so by praying and fasting bring your weaknesses to God and ask Him to deliver you from them. Don’t wait on God to send you a sobering situation like He did for me. Also ask Jesus to show you someone trustworthy to confide in. It helps to have an accountability partner who can stand and agree with you in prayer.

Proverbs 22:3
The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

Written by Joan Ssajjabbi